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Bosag Farm & Fence » Community


BosAg Farm & Fence is a company that believes in the potential of quality people and the tradition of the Australian bush.

We are a proud Red Cross Employment Partnerand have invested in the concept of “giving someone a go”, with great results. Through the Red Cross Business Partnership Program. 

We continue to offer employment opportunities to those who may struggle to find work and who wish to contribute by doing their bit.

As a Rural Australian Company, we feel we have a responsibility to encourage the growth and prosperity of rural communities throughout Australia. With this beliefwe have invested time, effort and funds into the support of the Rural Skilled Migration Scheme administered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, to assist population growth, jobs and local prosperity in our rural areas. 






Red Cross Employment Partner
Business Partnership Program
for employment through the Red Cross.
Rural Skilled Migration Scheme
Supporting Rural Community Growth and achievement…
Workplace Health and Safety
program for all employees in different roles within the company…