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Bosag Farm & Fence » About Us

About Us

BosAg Farm & Fence is a 100% Australian owned and managed business supplying wholesale Agricultural Hardware & Building Products to Australia’s Rural Retail Industry.
We are proud to have strong connections to Rural Australia and feel privileged to have the opportunity to do business with the heart of Australia – the people and businesses of the bush.
Our philosophy revolves around striving to provide excellent service and the most reliable products available. We highly value good people and strongly believe the success of our company relies on the quality of our people, products and service.
Although our products may be considered simple, we are constantly looking to see how these simple products can be made better, more efficient and more intelligent. Hardware being our core business,has allowed us to become specialists in its design and various applications, especially in the Australian Rural Industry.
So whether you need a quality set of wire strainers to rely on, some adjustable stump tops for your building project, stock yard components for your yards or simply some new fittings for your field gates, you can be confident our products and customer support will deliver.

We hope our passion for performance and quality helps to bring our retailers and their customers a product range and level of service, which can be relied upon always and be equalled by none.



Red Cross Employment Partner
Business Partnership Program
for employment through the Red Cross.
Rural Skilled Migration Scheme
Supporting Rural Community Growth and achievement…
Workplace Health and Safety
program for all employees in different roles within the company…